Full-Service Landscaping With Daniel's Landscape, LLC!


We use quality mulch from local landscape supply stores to beautify your mulch beds. We highly recommend having the beds deep edged for a defined edge and to keep the mulch in the bed. We properly install the mulch ensuring the correct depth, keeping mulch off of the house, and off tree trunks.

6 Reasons To Have Your Beds Mulched.

  • Reduce water loss from the soil by slowing evaporation and improving water absorption
  • Reduces weed growth and reducing the amount of weeding necessary
  • Improve soil quality with organic mulches that enrich the soil as it decomposes, helping your plants to thrive.
  • Protect plant roots from temperature swings.
  • Conserves soil and minimizes erosion.
  • Gives your landscape a finished, gorgeous look!

Bush Removal
We remove dead and unsightly bushes, making sure we remove the roots as well for easy planting around the area. We clean up the area and level off the dirt as much as possible.

Bush Trimming
Trimming bushes is an art, and we take it very seriously. Researching the best times to trim a specific bush, how much allowable to trim off and shaping. We make to have the bush perfectly shaped, then shake out the bush to get rid of any leaves or twigs stuck within the bush. We leave the yard cleaned up by raking and blowing the clippings out from under the bush, and even if applicable putting a tarp under the bush.

Spring and Fall Clean Up
Getting leaves picked up is a huge, tedious chore that we take care of for our customers. We remove leaves off the lawn and beds, as well as picking up any branches and twigs. In the Fall we cut back all the perennials for winter. We make sure all the leaves are off the lawn and out of the beds before winter to protect the lawn from being damaged, even if it means working in the snow!

We powerwash off all the dirt, stains, and growth on just about anything. Whether it is your patio, driveway or house we can make anything look brand new after powerwashing!

Shrub and Plant Installation
We consult our customers on what shrubs and plants will work best for their yard and needs. We research the planting instructions for each plant/shrub and make sure we follow them for the best results for our customers. Daniel's Landscape also helps the customer creatively design their flower bed with plants and shrubs, even drawing out where each plant would work best! 

Weed Removal and Prevention
Weeds always seem to pop up and are an eyesore, We do everything to prevent weeds from coming up in the first place with a pre-emergent weed preventative in the spring, landscape fabric to block weeds, mulch and regular weed spraying to kill the weeds while they are small. Sometimes they still find their way into your garden beds and overtake the once gorgeous garden. We hand pull each weed and then put down a preventative so they don't come up as much next time.

Tree Trimming and Removal
Daniel's Landscape hand prunes and shapes small trees less than 25 feet tall. Thinning out the tree, removing dead branches, and cutting off the "suckers" on the bottom to help your tree thrive. We also cut down dead and fallen trees (less than 25 feet tall) and haul them away. 

We offer many more custom services for our customers' needs if you don't see what you need to be done on our listed services feel free to ask!

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